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"Circle Esso"

Thanks to Carole Baldock and Orbis International Poetry Journal for publishing my sonnet "Circle Esso," which is from my second book, Eternal Life. It's an homage to auto mechanics and car guys/gals everywhere. Here it is:

Circle Esso

The eye lights on a gunnysack of rags

collapsed behind a drum of motor oil

and does not flinch. Nor does the ear recoil

when in the farther bay a Triumph gags.

Old, paralytic, cross-eyed Fido wags

as if confirming men's hours of toil

consist of nothing but remaining loyal

to rundown premises. His master sags,

lewdly air-hammering an engine mount,

safety glasses strafed with blue-green light

erupting from the grease-pit as from a fount

with angelic clarity. This is the sight

that pleases, even as assistants count

parts-and-labor, worrying to get it right.

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